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This is a small, multilanguage dictionary of various Genealogy terms

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  1. Abbreviations etc. ........Forkortelser mm.
  2. Latin terms ........Latin
  3. Norwegian terms / Relations etc. ........Slektskap mm.
  4. Occupations etc., incl. Swedish terms ........Yrker mm. Svenske termer
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[la] = latin
[en] = English
[no] = norsk        Norwegian
[da] = dansk        Danish
[de] = deutsch      German
[fr] = francais     French
[sv] = svensk       Swedish

Some [sv]-terms are partly based on: "Svensk-engelskt släkt-lexikon" by Allan Palmgren. Other terms from
various sources, genealogy reference books, BBS's and Internet.

Some [de]-terms are partly based on a list from  (

This information is presented 'as is', with no obligations. ¦ Forbehold om mulige feil.
Additions to the list, comments etc. are welcome!
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