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Local History literature ¦ Bygdebøker mm. Updated 1.NOV.2002
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This is a list of books on the local history of specific communities in Norway -

Please note: this list only states the existence of the literature.
I cannot provide any of it (although I may be able to advise you in some cases). This also goes for my sources.

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Library or source codes: ¦ Bibliotek, evt. opplysningskilde:
Please note that these sources are not neccesarily able to give any further information!
![ag] = Are S. Gustavsen
![ak] = Arne Kvitrud (
![at] = Arne Tjelle, Vardaleite 18, 5535 Haugesund
![bb] =  Bergen Folkebibliotek 
![bl] =  Bo Vidar Larsen  
![bn] = Birger Nytrøen 
![br] = Bob Risholm
![bs] = Bjoern Solheim 
![cf] = C.F. Scheel
![db] = Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo, Norway
![eb] = Erik Berg
![eo] = Egil Oeyangen 
![ft] = Fylkesbiblioteket i Tromsø
![gs] =  G. Strøm.
![hf] = Hans Jørgen Fjeld 
![hm] = Hans Myhre 
![ie] = Ivar Ertesvåg 
![jb] = J. Borgos
![ke] = Kjell Eidet 
![kf] = Knut Fasting 
![kg] = Karl-Ludvig Grønhaug 
![kh] = Ketil Firing Hanssen 
![ks] = Kjell Skagestad 
![lh] = Lars Steinar Hansen 
![nh] = Norodd Hagenson 
![ol] = Oddvar Løvdahl, Tvedestrand 
![on] = Oslo nye antikvariat
![ot] = Odd M Tronshaug 
![pk] =  P. Kjendal 
![RA] = Riksarkivet, Oslo
![ra] = Rune Alander, 2630 Ringebu
![rb] = Rune J. Baukhol
![rh] = Rogaland Historie- og Ættesogelag
![rr] = Rune Roalkvam 
![sb] =  Slektsbiblioteket
![sc] = "Special Collections" (in USA, see below!)
![se] = Sigurd Eliassen
![sh] = Steinar Helseth 
![sk] = Stein Ole Kjaer 
![ss] = Sissil Bruun Sørensen 
![ta] =
![th] = Tor Haakon Moen
![tm] = Tor Mathisen 8920 Sømna  
![tn] = Tommy Neverdal
![ts] = Tom Vidar Solberg 
![tt] = Tove Thevik (

How to buy the book you want ¦ Mulighet for å kjøpe boken du vil ha That is the hard part of it, since most books are long out of print! - You could try an Antiquarian bookshop - you may be lucky. ¦ - Du kan ha flaks med et Antikvariat
SOME INFO FOR YOU U.S. & Canada RESIDENTS: "S p e c i a l _ C o l l e c t i o n s" [sc] refers to University of North Dakota's Chester Fritz Library: Elwyn B. Robinson Department of Special Collections Their Internet site is: also
Bygdeboker by InterLibrary Loan Once you find a book you are interested in, there are a few libraries in the US with good collections. You can also join Vesterheim Genealogical Center - they are a great source for researching your Norwegian heritage. They have bygdeboker available for loan at a modest fee. St. Olaf College has the most extensive lending library for Bygdebøker in the US. You can also borrow books from University of Minnesota and University of Wisconsin-Madison through Interlibrary Loan (ILL). University of North Dakota does NOT offer their books through Interlibrary Loan. ------------------------------------------------------------- According to a message from Frank Higgins (E-mail: Purchase from Norway runs about $100 per book incl. shipping. Several places in the USA have collections: Heritage Museum in Seattle Family History Library in Salt Lake Univ. of North Dakota. There are others. - Sometimes one of them will send a copy of a few pages (underline 'few') for a fee. Personal experience has been that you have to order each book from the Kommune that prepared it. Be sure in corresponding with the Norwegian source that they understand that you want a book that gives names. ------------------------------------------------------------- Carol (e-mail: notes: The LDS has some bygdeboks on microfiche. They may be ordered for 15 cents per fiche -------------------------------------------------------------

This information is presented 'as is', with no obligations. ¦ Forbehold om mulige feil.
Additions to the list, comments etc. are welcome!

Flere titler mottas med takk og vil bli tilføyd til listen.
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